Unlimited locum bookings

Seamless Locum Booking, One Fee, Limitless Opportunities

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Locate a Locum Unlimited works perfectly for any size of optometry business – from single-branch independents to optometrists that want to grow. Make your temporary staffing costs predictable and budget-friendly:

✅  Unlimited locum bookings

✅  Access over 7,000 compliant optometry locums

Engage your direct locums 

Communicate shifts fast

Say goodbye to agency fees


What you get


What you get

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Most Popular! Gain access to advanced features and a full reporting suite. Includes everything in 'Lite', plus:

Locum Management
Manage your Directs
Locum Rating
Full Reporting Suite
Locum Payments and Expenses

Here’s all the good stuff


Easily manage locum costs

Unlimited bookings with predictable costs, which helps with forecasting and budgeting, reducing risk


No more compliance headaches

See all locum compliance in one place, giving you peace of mind


Helping you grow your business

Scalable subscription plan to grow with your business


7,000+ optom locums at your fingertips

Access the pool of compliant optometry locums


What our customers say

“The Locate a Locum platform met and exceeded all of our needs, including the easy scheduling of staff and it importantly helped us to schedule locums into our pharmacies. It also provided our locums and employees with an intuitive system.”

We now have visibility of all our branches' rotas and we can create schedules up to 1 year in advance for permanent staff and 9 months in advance relief staff. The platform is easy to navigate, simple to read, and contains all the information needed on one intuitive platform.”

“Our strong relationship with Locate a Locum made our decision an easy one. The platform has made life easier for our internal team and locum pharmacists. We have managed to drastically reduce administration, save money and ensure 100% compliance”


Why choose Locate a Locum Unlimited?

10 Reasons to Sign Up Today

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Save significantly on locum costs. Pay a single, predictable fee, regardless of how many locum placements you make. This helps in budget management and cost control.

  2. Unlimited Access: Access over 7,000 optometry locums without worrying about additional costs per booking, ensuring you have the flexibility to fill staffing gaps as needed.

  3. Streamlined Booking: Simplified and efficient booking process, allowing optometry businesses to quickly find and secure locum professionals without the hassle of multiple fees or complicated payment structures.

  4. Enhanced Planning: Easy budgeting and resource allocation, as the fixed fee provides predictability in staffing expenses, making it easier to plan for the long term.

  5. Reduced Administrative Burden: Less paperwork and administrative work related to tracking and managing individual locum bookings and payments.

  6. Faster Response: Rapid response to gaps since there's no hesitation in booking locum professionals due to cost concerns.

  7. Quality Compliance: The platform can ensure the quality of locums.

  8. Time Savings: Less time spent on agency contracts, and payment terms, allowing for more efficient locum placement.

  9. Scalability: The ability to scale up or down in staffing quickly and cost-effectively to meet changing demand.

  10. Peace of Mind: Knowing that locum costs won't fluctuate based on the number of placements can provide peace of mind and for optometry businesses to concentrate on delivering quality patient care.